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Steering & SuspensionYour car’s steering & suspension systems might be two of the systems that you don’t think about all that often. Unless there’s something that isn’t working right, that’s pretty normal. Here at Brown Automotive in Trussville, AL we want you to be safe and comfortable as you drive your car.

What Does Your Steering & Suspension System Do?

Your steering system is the system that allows you to steer your car where you want it to go. It includes the steering wheel, the rack & pinion steering gear, the power steering pump, and the power steering fluid reservoir. Failures in any of these parts mean that you can’t trust your car to move where you’re trying to get it to go.

The suspension system is what helps to reduce the feel of bumps, holes, and uneven streets. It helps to protect the comfort of you and your passengers, and it also helps to protect parts of your car from too much jostling and even from contact with the road. The suspension system consists of the struts, shocks, coil springs, lower control arms, and sway bar.

How Can You Tell You Need Your Steering & Suspension Inspected?

Some of the signs that you need your steering & suspension systems inspected are obvious, but others might appear to be something else. Here’s what you need to watch for:

  • Your car is pulling to one side.
  • Your car is bouncier than usual, especially after a bump.
  • Your steering feels extra loose.
  • You’re hearing squeals or screeches when you turn your steering wheel.
  • You can’t steer at all or it is taking a lot more effort than usual to turn the wheel.

If you’re noticing any of these signs, you need to bring your car to Brown Automotive in Trussville, AL and we can inspect it for you.

What Else Affects Steering & Suspension in Trussville, AL?

Like most of the systems in your car, your steering & suspension work with other systems, but they’re also affected by other problems. If your tires are out of balance or your wheels are not aligned, that can affect how well your suspension works. Uneven tire wear can do the same thing. If you’re noticing any problems at all with steering or suspension, it’s best to get it looked at right away.

Steering & Suspension Service Near Me

Your car’s steering & suspension impact how your car drives, but they also affect comfort and safety. Brown Automotive in Trussville, AL, can do a thorough inspection of both systems for you and determine exactly what is going wrong so we can get you safely driving again.

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