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Heating / AC Repair & ServiceHave you noticed a need for heating / AC repair & service for your car? It’s easy to ignore these systems because they typically just do what you expect them to do. But sometimes these systems fail, and it’s our job here at Brown Automotive in Trussville, AL to get them running again for you.

The Basics of Your Car’s Heat and AC System

To start, your car needs air, which filters through the main air filter. When you want to use your heater, that air starts to move through the heating system. Your car’s antifreeze moves through the radiator and the various parts of the engine where it helps to cool those parts, retaining that heat. The antifreeze moves through the heater core, where it offloads some of that heat with the help of blowers. That warmed air is what moves into the cabin. Failures anywhere in that system mean that you don’t get heat.

AC, on the other hand, needs a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. Each of these parts helps to move air through refrigerant that cools it significantly. That’s why the hot air from outside your car in a Trussville, AL summer can get frosty cool within just a few minutes. If some of those parts stop working or you develop a refrigerant leak, it’s back to hot and humid in no time.

Can You Prevent Issues with Your Car’s Heat and AC?

The best way to prevent problems with your heating and AC systems is to have them maintained regularly. Your car’s owner’s manual may have a recommendation for how often this service should be performed. Vehicles do lose a small percentage of refrigerant every year. Ideally, you should have heating / AC repair & service inspections done every two to three years.

How Can You Tell You need Heating / AC Repair & Service in Trussville, AL?

Your heat and AC systems might be among the easiest systems to know for sure when something isn’t quite right. Your very first sign that something is wrong might be an odd sound when you turn on the heat or the AC. The biggest sign that you need help, of course, is that your heat and your AC aren’t functioning the way they should.

AC Repair Near Me

If your car’s heating and AC system aren’t doing their job, give us a call at Brown Automotive in Trussville, AL. It’s vital that you’re comfortable in your car, and scheduling heating / AC repair & service can help you to find problems before they affect your comfort.

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