Brake Repair & Service

Brake Repair & ServiceBrake repair & service is something that we take very seriously at Brown Automotive because that involves your safety and the safety of everyone around you. Here’s what you need to know.

How Often Do You Need Brake Repair & Service?

It would be great if you could tell an exact mileage when you need to get your brakes serviced, but they’re not one of the parts that works that way on your car. Your car’s owner’s manual might have some recommendations, but they might feel a little vague to you.

The important thing to remember is that your brakes do need regular servicing and may need repair sooner than you think. You need to pay attention to your brakes, including knowing what factors make them wear out faster and what your big clues are that it’s time for brake repair & service.

Factors that Affect Your Brakes Wearing

How you drive is one of the biggest factors that impacts how often you’ll need to have your brakes serviced. There’s several layers to this, too. For instance, do you drive long distances regularly or are you in stop and go city traffic most of the time? If you drive a lot on twisty-turny roads, that means you’re using your brakes more often, too.

Also, if you’ve got a bit of a lead foot, that means you’re probably having to brake harder and more often. Those habits can be tough to break, but if you do, you’re saving your brake system a little bit more of wear and tear.

Four Ways You Can Tell You Need Brake Repair & Service in Trussville AL

  1. Your dashboard warning light for your brakes came on. In some cars, this light also comes on when you have the parking brake engaged, so do double check that. Otherwise, your car is letting you know your brakes need attention.
  2. You press the brake pedal and it feels odd or it goes straight down to your floorboards. That’s a big sign that your brakes need to be inspected immediately.
  3. You’re hearing noises, particularly squeals or grinding sounds, when you apply your brakes. This can mean that your brake pads are worn.
  4. Your car pulls to one side or vibrates when you apply the brakes. In this case, your rotors may be worn or warped.

Brake Repair Near Me

Need someone you trust to inspect your brakes in Trussville, AL? Get in touch with us at Brown Automotive. We’ll do a full inspection of your brake system to make sure we catch every single issue. You can trust us for brake repair & service.

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