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Engine Repair & ServicesYour car’s engine is the beating heart of your car. If the engine isn’t functioning, you’re definitely not going anywhere. At Brown Automotive in Trussville, AL we know how important it is that you can rely on your car to get you where you need to go. Trust us for your engine repair needs.

What Do Those Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

Most car manufacturers include some information in the owner’s manual about the infamous “Check Engine” light and what it could mean. The culprit could be as simple as fully closing your gas cap until it clicks, but when that light comes on the average car owner starts to panic.

Your car’s dashboard warning lights, including the check engine light, are a message from the car’s computer that it’s detecting something that isn’t quite right. Here at Brown Automotive in Trussville, AL we can take the mystery out of this by attaching a code reader to your car and determining what that code means exactly. It helps us to know what to watch for as we inspect your car’s engine.

Are There Signs that Your Engine Needs Repair?

It helps to know what to look for in your engine so that you know when it’s important to seek out engine repair & services. One of the first things you might notice is new knocking sounds or even increases in your car’s exhaust. If you’re in the habit of checking your own oil on occasion, look closely to see if you see any metal shavings on the dipstick. This is a sign that there’s some contact happening somewhere in the engine that shouldn’t be occurring.

Three Signs You Need Immediate Engine Repair & Services in Trussville, AL

  1. Your check engine light is on. You never know when this is for something simple or for something catastrophic. Make sure you bring your car in right away.
  2. Smoke coming out from under the hood. At the very least this means that your car is overheating, but there could be a lot more going on.
  3. You hear the engine racing, see it shaking, or feel new and immediate vibrations. It’s essential to figure out what’s happening right away.

Engine Repair Near Me

Engine problems are not something that just corrects themselves if you ignore them. When you need engine repair & services that you can trust in Trussville, AL, contact us at Brown Automotive. We can let you know what your car’s engine needs and get you back on the road again safely.

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